Our Success

Because we values a non-cookie cutter approach to research, utilizing validated instruments along with a mix of theoretical frameworks, our quantitative, qualitative, and mixed methods research gets extraordinary results for our clients. We adjust methodologies as needed to get to the root of the risks present in your organization. We measure, analyze, and make research and best practice based recommendations to help you win at the game of risk.

Fortune 500 Change Risk

When a Fortune 500 restaurant franchise needed to identify adoption risks during change management, learning and development, and stakeholder-centric communication gaps, they came to us for solutions.

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Employee and Reputation Risk

When a multi-unit healthcare organization faced negative reviews on Indeed and Glassdoor and noticed internal changes with morale, satisfaction, and retention, they came to us for answers.

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Employee Performance Risk

When a managed services technology company noticed discrepancies in employee performance, they came to us to brainstorm with executives to increase accountability by aligning OKRs and KPIs.

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Technology and Process Risk

When a B2B services company discovered their human resources processes didn't meet employee hiring, onboarding and training needs, they came to us to discover a new way.

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Meet Diane Dye, Founder and CEO

Diane is an organizational change and leadership researcher, behaviorist, and consultant. She founded her first firm, WWC, in 2016 acting as a trusted advisor at the c-level of service focused companies within the Fortune 500 and non-profit sectors. WWC became People Risk Consulting in 2024 when Diane's doctoral dissertation uncovered the risks surrounding employee disclosure and non-disclosure. She found employers lacked resources obtaining true and transparent data, resulting in a variety of organizational losses and negative employee impacts. This purpose created People Risk Consulting.