Case Study: Fortune 500 Change Risk

A Fortune 500 restaurant franchise improved board presentations, internal communication, and strategic decision-making with people risk research and operational insights.


A Chief Learning and Development Officer and Vice President of Human Resources needed a way to assure communication risks were addressed when rolling out large scale capital initiatives. This included understanding stakeholder-centric risks, including how to address board concerns. People risk analysis laid the groundwork for stakeholder alignment and the activation of successful people operations in times of unprecedented organizational and global change.


PRCs research and storytelling teams combined forces to provide a unique risk-aware communication approach for each initiative, grounded in best practices and research. The strategy guided the successful organization-wide implementation of work groups, capital initiatives, and a post-pandemic recovery plan for the organization’s operations and people function.


  • Research
  • Recommendations
  • Internal Team Organization and Strategy
  • Agendas
  • Presentations
  • Executive Scripts
  • Project Risk Maps

If you need help with the people risks related to internal change management and stakeholder impact, contact us.

People Risk Consulting (PRC) is a human capital risk management and change management consulting firm located in San Antonio, Texas. PRC helps leaders in service-focused industries mitigate people risk by conducting third-party people-centric risk analysis and employee needs assessments. PRC analyzes and uses this data alongside best practice to make strategic recommendations to address organizational problems related to change and employee risk. The firm walks alongside leaders to develop risk plans, change plans, and strategic plans to drive the human element of continuous improvement. PRC provides technical assistance, education, training, and trusted partner resources to aid with execution. PRC is a strategic partner of TriNet, Marsh McClennan Agency, Cloud Tech Gurus, Predictive Index, and Motivosity.

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