Interview: Jen Williams, SVP Customer Experience on Creating High Performing CX Teams

Jen Williams, SVP of Customer Experience, shared insights on maximizing customer experience by treating employees well and leveraging their strengths. Using tools like Clifton Strengths to understand individual strengths contributes to better team performance. Creating a common language around employee development through assessments such as Clifton Strengths fosters diverse high-performing teams.

Williams emphasized the impact of psychological safety on employee engagement, urging leaders to address instructional needs effectively. Recognizing behavioral cues indicating disengagement is crucial for maintaining a positive work environment. Strong team engagement leads to improved customer experiences, with morale indicators reflecting underlying issues affecting performance.

Addressing feedback from frontline staff positively impacted customer satisfaction levels according to Williams. Traits essential for leaders in customer-centric roles include empathy, strategic problem-solving abilities, data-driven decision-making skills, and fostering team engagement. Promoting transparency within organizations is vital for cultivating environments where employees feel safe for enhanced customer interactions.

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